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Let us secure your home, business
while you are away...
Or at a number of homes in close
proximity to each other ...
  Static Guard
  To provide security on a site, at a premises, at a gate etc.
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Mobile Patrol Service
Vehicle patrol in clearly marked vehicles. Driver will dismount and physically check,  
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Home Watch
  A presence at some ones home eg. when on holiday.
Or at a number of homes in close proximity to each other
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Our Services

Static Guard
Mobile Patrol Service
Home Watch
Lock Up Service
Key Holding & Alarm Response
Security Guard Training

Licence No: 999.546

Private Securiy

Licence No:00464
Security Guard


Key Holding & Alarm Responce

Simply provide Watch it Security Services with the keys and alarm codes of your premises and as your principal keyholder we will in turn dispatch a fully uniformed and trained Mobile Patrol Officer to investigate the cause of the alarm activation. Should it turn out to be a false alarm we will check the building in full, reset the alarm and secure the premises.

However if necessary our Mobile Patrol Officers will liaise with the Gardaí, repair contractors and emergency services in the event of something more serious. You and your staff will not be disturbed unless there is a serious incident. Any incidents which do occur will be logged and a detailed report sent to you, the customer, the following working day.

The benefits?

You can be sure that a fully trained Mobile Patrol Officer will be there to respond to any alarm activations at your premises.

Watch it Sercurity Services are in full contact with Gardai and emergency services.

By using us, you are eliminating any potential dangerous or worrying situations for your staff on responding to an alarm activation.