Safe Homes ...
Safe Communities...
Let us secure your home, business
while you are away...
Or at a number of homes in close
proximity to each other ...
  Static Guard
  To provide security on a site, at a premises, at a gate etc.
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Mobile Patrol Service
Vehicle patrol in clearly marked vehicles. Driver will dismount and physically check,  
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Home Watch
  A presence at some ones home eg. when on holiday.
Or at a number of homes in close proximity to each other
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Our Services

Static Guard
Mobile Patrol Service
Home Watch
Lock Up Service
Key Holding & Alarm Response
Security Guard Training


Private Securiy

Licence No:00464
Security Guard


Company Qualifications and Accreditations

Awarded the I.S.999:2004 Standard for Guarding Security Services from the NSAI.
This standard provides a specification for those aspects related to guarding security services of a company or body providing static and/or mobile guarding security services, with a view to enhancing the quality of such services and thus improving the protection of items in their trust.

Watch it Security Services have satisfied NSAI  that:

  • Its owners/directors/senior personnel are competent in their area of responsibility and are of good repute.
  • It has appropriate insurance cover.
  • It meets all its statutory obligations.
  • It is financially sound.
  • Records and documents are held in a secure place.
  • Its premises are adequate for the company business.
  • It adheres to recognised standards where appropriate such as IS999 2004 for Guarding Services.
  • It operates in an ethical way, particularly in relation to advertising and selling practices.
  • Staff are properly trained and supervised.
  • Prospective employees are thoroughly vetted.
  • Adequate manning is available for 24-hour service as required by IS199 2004.
  • Wages and salaries are not less than the national negotiated levels or any statutory minimum level for a particular grade.
  • Static guards on public view are suitably uniformed.
  • Manned security staff meet specific requirements in relation to age and physical ability.

Watch it Security Services Training instructors are fully qualified and certified by the Security Industry of Ireland. Specialist training is also provided to all our employees and they receive refresher training regularly to ensure we have the best trained and most skilled security officers at our disposal.

All training complies with Health & Safety, The Irish Security Institute and I.S.999:2004 guidlines for static guards.

All security personnel employed by Watch it Security Services undergo thorough screening and vetting procedures and must produce full Garda clearance before they are employed by us.