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Safe Communities...
Let us secure your home, business
while you are away...
Or at a number of homes in close
proximity to each other ...
  Static Guard
  To provide security on a site, at a premises, at a gate etc.
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Mobile Patrol Service
Vehicle patrol in clearly marked vehicles. Driver will dismount and physically check,  
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Home Watch
  A presence at some ones home eg. when on holiday.
Or at a number of homes in close proximity to each other
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Static Guard
Mobile Patrol Service
Home Watch
Lock Up Service
Key Holding & Alarm Response
Security Guard Training


Private Securiy

Licence No:00464
Security Guard



We train our employees to a standard above the industry requirements to ensure we have the best, focused, motivated and skilled security professionals within the Security industry. All employees receive full training prior to being placed on any of our assignments. This training includes:

Induction Training.
This includes in-depth training providing officers with the fundamental security skills and techniques required to carry out their duties.

On-Site Training
All our security personnel receive on site training which is site specific, prior to commencing an assignment. This familiarisation equips the security personnel with the skills to ensure he/she is capable of carrying out his/ her duties to the highest of standards.

Specialist Training
Kieran McKenna is a fully qualified trainer by the Security Institute and carries out the third stage of training. Security personnel are brought into a classroom environment where they receive full training on the following:

Roles and responsibilities of security personnel
How to complete a report.
Law and security personnel
Practical Procedures
Communication – use of two- way radio system, observation skills in the workplace, teamwork etc.
Basics of First Aid
Health and Safety – relevant legislation, signage, hazards, manual handling
Emergency procedures - emergency first aid, response to emergencies, fire and evacuation guidelines and the use of fire extinguishers.

All employees are certified on completion. Quarterly refresher training is given to all employees.
Training of employees is of ultimate importance to us as it ensures that we can supply knowledgeable and confident security personnel.