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  Static Guard
  To provide security on a site, at a premises, at a gate etc.
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Mobile Patrol Service
Vehicle patrol in clearly marked vehicles. Driver will dismount and physically check,  
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Home Watch
  A presence at some ones home eg. when on holiday.
Or at a number of homes in close proximity to each other
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Private Securiy

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Security Guard


Mobile Patrol Service

This is used in instances where a customer does not feel the need to employ a full time security officer but wishes to maintain the security of their premises. Watch it Security Services can provide a quality service which is tailor made to meet the needs of each of our valued customers. This service can be provided at a very competitive price. Security Man

Our Mobile Patrol Officers are issued with the keys of the customers premises and we carry out an agreed number of inspections on the premises at random intervals throughout the night and during the out of business hours on weekends. Our Mobile Patrol Officers can perform external inspections or alternatively internal inspections of your premises as desired. These visits are carried out by our team of fully trained Mobile Patrol Officers who are supplied with a clearly marked Watch it Security Vehicle which is equipped with two-way communication system. All items are logged during our Mobile Patrols and reports are then made available to our customers. For Health and Safety reasons all Mobile Patrol Officers are in constant contact with our 24 Hour Command and Control Centre to establish their whereabouts at all times.

Our fully trained Mobile Patrol Officers can check your premises during the vulnerable hours and deal with important security issues such as:

Setting and unsetting of alarms.

Checking windows and doors to ensure they are locked and secure.

Switching on and off lights and equipment.

Checking for any potential fire or flood hazards.

We also provide serveral services ranging from simply "holding your keys" to responding to overnight alarms.